Herbicide Human Health Risks

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Doing business in an area with such beautiful and clean lakes makes us even more aware of the responsibility we have as the leading Lawn & Landscape company in the area. With lots of customers on Lake Francis, Lake Tetonka, Lake Elysian, Rays Lake, Lake Sakatah and more, we take the use of herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides that can and …

Dead Zone Chemical Fertilizers The Lawn Barber LLC

Dead Zone | Chemical Fertilizers

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A dead zone the size of Rhode Island in the Gulf of Mexico because of chemical fertilizers?  Hard to imagine,  but absolutely true. Every year towards fall, a phenomenon takes place in the Gulf of Mexico.  As chemical fertilizers run off into streams and tributaries of the Mississippi River, they make a long  journey south, and eventually are dumped into …

Chemical Pesticides

Danger: Chemical Pesticides

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Many of us live in, or know someone who lives in planned communities, HOA’s (Home Owner Associations) apartments, or own commercial properties.  With these properties, it’s usually a requirement to keep the lawn up to a certain level.  This usually requires treating your lawn, bushes and plants with chemical pesticides, among other things.  Regardless of whether you live in a …