Sakatah Lake

Sakatah Lake, (Upper & Lower) is a natural widening of the Cannon River, that lures canoeists to paddle the calm waters, and anglers to catch walleye, large mouth and white bass, northern pike, and panfish.  Sakatah Lake’s optimal conditions are found in spring and early summer, and again in the fall.  Sakatah Lake State Park is an 842-acre state park of Minnesota. The Dakota native to the area called it “Sakatah” which means “singing hills”. To honor this native heritage, some of the trails in the park have been given Dakota names. The Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail, which connects Faribault and Mankato, runs through this park.

The Lawn Barber Services LLC proudly serves Upper & Lower Sakatah Lake.  We provide quality, professional lawn care & landscape services taking the hassle out of a beautiful lawn. We’re Lake Property Specialists, use U.S. Made Propane Fuel, and are a longstanding Eco Friendly Company. More than 5 years ago in fact, we became the first, and only, professional lawn care company in the state of Minnesota to use Eco-friendly propane mowers.

Propane Environmentally Friendly Facts:


  • Propane is non-toxic, non-caustic and will not create an environmental hazard if released as a liquid or vapor into water or soil.
  • Propane exhaust emissions exceed the requirements for clean fuel vehicles and surpass eco-friendly expectations in all aspects.
  • Propane is listed as an approved clean fuel by U.S. Government energy policy makers and energy administrative bodies.
  • Propane is not damaging to freshwater/saltwater ecosystems, underwater plant or marine life
  • Propane vapor will not cause air pollution and is not considered a greenhouse gas
  • Propane vapor is not harmful if inhaled by birds, animals or people.