Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration, along with over seeding are the cornerstones of any successful lawn care program.  During core aeration, we pull out small plugs from the soil to allow oxygen, moisture and nutrients to penetrate the soil.
The Lawn Barber Lawn Aeration

Aeration’s numerous benefits are:

  • Reduces soil compaction from heavy foot traffic, or in soils like clay
  • Increases the activity of soil microorganisms that breakdown thatch
  • Improves water infiltration and soil composition
  • Improves root growth, which will make your lawn nice and thick
  • Most importantly, it makes a lawn less susceptible to damage from drought, insects, weeds and disease
The Lawn Barber Services - Core Aeration
We recommend lawn aeration and over seeding once per season for all established lawns.  Fall is generally the best time for core aeration and over seeding, but can be performed in spring as well.  The Lawn Barber only uses top quality seed that is free of noxious weeds.  Remember, all seed is not equal; therefore it is imperative that only the very best quality seed is used.