Lawn Mowing

“Wouldn’t it be great to pull into your driveway after a long, stressful, tiring day of work and see that your lawn had already been taken care of?”

Instead Of

  • Pushing a lawn mower in the sweltering heat
  • Having your garage taken up by the mower, gas cans, trimmers, blowers, rakes etc
  • Spending your vacation worrying about what a disaster your lawn will look like when you get back
  • Having enough work to do inside your house, not to mention outside of it
  • Wondering how you are going to find the time or energy to mow the lawn after dropping off/picking up the kids from dance, school functions, baseball/softball practice, etc
  • Spending half the weekend mowing the lawn, trimming tree’s/bushes, hanging off a ladder to clean the gutters, hours of raking up leaves, over seeding the lawn, etc

You Could Be

  • Enjoying the cool air conditioning playing with your kids, watching tv, reading, or just relaxing
  • Having more space to expand your hobby, able to fit another car inside, or that new toy you just bought
  • Spending your vacation how it should be spent, relaxed, stress free, care free.  The only worrying you should be doing is what new adventure to tackle, tasty drink to order, and beach chair to soak up some sun
  • Having one less “big” task to worry about on your “to do list”
  • Able to unwind and recuperate at home after a long day
  • Grilling out with friends, going to the lake, camping, enjoying a round of golf
If you answered yes to any of these, The Lawn Barber is your solution.  With over 20 years of experience in the lawn care industry, we maintain and keep your lawn looking great for you, so you have more free time to enjoy the sun, not work in it.  We are reliable, honest, and available and willing to listen to your needs