“We at River Place would like to thank you for the excellent job your company has done. Thank you again.”
River Place Town Homes, Waterville


“Thanks for the continued great jobs in town and at our lake house. It’s such a treat because you do a better job than we did and we were pretty picky. The borders in town have not looked this good in a long time. If you did not take the time to trim around them the grass would grow into the pavers.”
Mary Beth A, N. Mankato


“We are very satisfied with your services and I would highly recommend your company to anyone. When I have requested an extra service, it is always done and done well.”
Ruby F, Elysian


“I am happy with the service you provide and the job you do on our lawn. Thanks for a job well done.”
Doris C, Elysian


“I am very pleased with your service and the attention to detail that you show. It’s great to know that my lawn will be mowed every week and that you will do a great job every time.”
Dianna S, Elysian


“I have been extremely pleased with your services. I have been responsible for the yard for 34 years and some time back because of health reasons I was not able to do that anymore. I have had mower’s come and go because I was never satisfied with the service. It was stressful, now when your crew comes I relax and now you will do a good job. Thanks for great work and easing my mind.”
Jean H, Waterville