Waterville, located in the heart of Southern Minnesota, is a warm and friendly community. Sandwiched between Lake Tetonka & Sakatah Lake, this lake town has a lot to offer. There are a number of local restaurants, bars and local shopping opportunities in the downtown area as well as a variety of interesting and fun things to do….especially when Summer rolls around.

Whether you are looking for a vacation destination or a bedroom community away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, Waterville is the city for you. There are a number of new developments being built, many of which have lake or river views. Waterville is a city with a small town attitude, but vision for the future. http://www.watervillemn.com/

The Lawn Barber Lawn & Landscape Services LLC is proud to have provided services for the Waterville area for last 7+ years and counting.  Including many properties on Lake Tetonka & Sakatah Lake.  We provide quality, professional lawn care & landscape services taking the hassle out of a beautiful lawn. We’re Lake Property Specialists, use U.S. Made Propane Fuel, and are a longstanding Eco Friendly Company. More than 5 years ago in fact, we became the first, and only, professional lawn care company in the state of Minnesota to use Eco-friendly propane mowers.

Environmentally Friendly Propane Quick Facts:


  • Propane is non-toxic, non-caustic and will not create an environmental hazard if released as a liquid or vapor into water or soil.
  • Propane exhaust emissions exceed the requirements for clean fuel vehicles and surpass eco-friendly expectations in all aspects.
  • Propane is listed as an approved clean fuel by U.S. Government energy policy makers and energy administrative bodies.
  • Propane is not damaging to freshwater/saltwater ecosystems, underwater plant or marine life
  • Propane vapor will not cause air pollution and is not considered a greenhouse gas
  • Propane vapor is not harmful if inhaled by birds, animals or people.